Blogs About Health Can Enhance Wellbeing

In today’s connected world, individuals can learn how to enhance their wellbeing by turning on their computers and searching blogs about health. Before computers, people had to rely on advice from their friends, family members, and doctors. While that information was helpful, turning to an online community can open the doors to much more diverse opinions and experiences. If a person is trying to lose weight, manage stress, or cure a disease, he or she might find a deep pool of information at the click of a keyboard.

Lose Weight

Trying to drop pounds on your own can be difficult, at best. Weight is often gained because of ingrained habits. These habits may have been learned from your family of origin so it’s a bit hard to learn how to stop doing something that your mom, dad, and siblings still do. If your family always fried their food, ate entire cartons of ice cream for dessert, and wouldn’t recognize a vegetable if it knocked on the front door, how can these intimate sources teach you how to eat properly? When you tune into blogs about health that focus on weight loss, you will tap articles and posts written by people who have learned to drop the pounds and live leaner lives.

Manage Stress

We live in a bustling world full of traffic, noise, and deadlines. No wonder there are so many stress-related illnesses and maladies being suffered. In order to survive and thrive in today’s culture, we have to learn how to manage our stress. Online blogs about health topics can share tips for relaxation and creating a more peaceful existence. Want to learn how to meditate, journal, do yoga exercises, or just let go? There are articles and posts from people with expertise just waiting to instruct you.

Cure Illness

If you have any sort of illness, you can tap into other’s experiences through blogs about health topics. Here, you can supplement what you have been told by your doctor or even diagnose yourself to a certain degree. Looking for a natural remedy for a skin rash, an upset stomach, or your child’s sore throat? Click your keypad around until you find some answers. If you haven’t gone to the doctor yet, these online resources can point you in the right direction: should you go to the E.R. or try to manage the problem yourself? Someone in another country, town, or state has experienced what you are experiencing and can share their knowledge.

If you have questions about losing weight, managing your stress level, or curing an illness, you can find the answers in blogs about health. Every topic imaginable has been written about and posted online. Why reinvent the wheel when there is an online community of resources waiting to help and support you?

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Online MLM Marketing Headquarters – Your Website and Your Blog

MLM business builders who are new to online MLM marketing often ask me this question:

“What’s the difference between having a website and a blog?”

This is a great question and one that you should clarify in your mind as you map out your online MLM strategy. Either a blog or a website can serve as your MLM headquarters, the place to where you want to drive your online traffic. Some people use only a blog while others use only a website. Still other online MLM marketers have both a blog and a website. All three of these options can work well.

So what’s the difference between a website and a blog?

Website: This is a more formalized presentation of your business opportunity and products where people can gather information. It is similar to a booth at a trade show. There is no visible online interaction unless you choose to publish testimonials.

Blog: This is a far more informal online location where there is a lot online interaction in the form of comments. Here’s where you can converse with current and potential customers and business partners. Via comments you can learn what people want and what’s on their minds.

Using Your Website as Your Online MLM Headquarters

If you want to use only a website as your online home base, then you’ll want to make sure that you have a custom website that helps you stand out from the crowd. You don’t want to use a company-sponsored replicated website as your home base. These websites are too generic and give you the appearance of being “just one of the crowd.” Looking at a replicated website, a potential customer or business builder has no particular reason to choose you over one of your competitors. That’s why you need a custom website. You may need to get some help designing one that looks professional and interesting.

On your custom MLM website, be sure to include information about:

– your products

– your business opportunity

– the compensation plan

– success stories and testimonials

– how you work your business (how you’re different)

– why people should work with you

– how others can better work their MLM business (helpful tips)

– MLM humor (entertainment value)

Most online MLM strategies have you use media outposts like article marketing or Twitter to drive traffic to your home base. When people get to your home base, in this case your custom website, you want to offer them intriguing, entertaining, and helpful information which will draw them into considering your products and opportunity.

Using Your Blog as Your Online MLM Headquarters

If you don’t want to mess with the hassle of creating a custom website you can always opt for using a blog as your online MLM headquarters. As mentioned above, a blog is a much less formal medium than a website, and it encourages a lot more interaction with your readers. Another difference is that while you can directly sell on a website, you don’t want to do a hard sell on your blog. Instead you want to use a more subtle oblique approach.

On your blog you might want to include:

– informational posts about subjects related to your product or opportunity

– helpful tips on how to work an MLM business

– case studies of success stories (perhaps of people in your group)

– information about yourself, including some personal information

– questions for your readers (What works for them? What questions do they have?)

– invitations to participate with comments and questions

A blog is a place where you can introduce prospects to you and your business in a helpful, informational way that is also more personal than the information you would offer on a website. While a website is more like a booth at a tradeshow, a blog is more like chatting with people at a party or a networking event. In those situations you don’t hit people with a hard sell. Instead, you share a little bit about yourself and what you do and wait for organic connections with other people to show up.

For instance, let’s say your MLM opportunity offers health products. If you post a lot of helpful health tips on your blog people will come to know you as a “health guru” and come to you when they need help with health. Then you can make recommendations, which may to lead to the person joining your organization as a customer, or even a business builder.

If you are going to use a blog only as your online MLM home base then y

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